Oelo DIY permanent Christmas lights kits

Personal DIY kit delivery! Plus, one hour of hands-on training support in Reno, Sacramento and Southern California!

Make your home feel like a holiday all the time with Oelo's easy-to-use DIY permanent Christmas light kits! First, measure how much lighting you'll need, then pick from the kit options below. (The pictures on this page demonstrate approximate home sizes.) Once you click on a kit, you'll be able to choose your channel color and more!

Below the kits, you'll find helpful installation videos along with printable step-by-step guides to help you set up your Christmas lights permanently. Additionally, to guarantee a smooth, hassle-free installation, our dedicated team will personally deliver the product and provide up to one hour of hands-on support (in normal installation areas only). 

With Oelo's holiday lights, your home will always feel like a celebration!

How to install permanent Christmas lights

Adding a Booster Box

The Control Unit can only power 300 lights. If the system is linear (ran in a straight line), you can add a Booster Box after Light #300. This Booster Box can also be added anywhere in the run to help offset non-linear systems. (most homes will not need a booster box)