Control 6 million colors, 10 movement settings and infinite patterns with Oelo's app controlled Christmas lights.

Control your Oelo lights with stanDard In-Range Wifi OR Control multiple buildings From anywhere through Oelo's cloud Based anywhere app

Oelo’s app controlled Christmas lights are uniquely expressive by night thanks to our customizable color apps. Install
our lights once and let them showcase your holiday luster, support your favorite teams and create social awareness. Choose from our in-range standard app, or upgrade to Oelo’s cloud-based option.

Oelo's standard in-range WiFi app

Oelo’s standard in-range WiFi app features more than 16 million hues and fun movement settings to showcase your holiday luster, support your favorite teams and create social awareness.


Choose from 16 million hues


... fun movement patterns


... then save your patterns.


And set the built-in timer.

Find Oelo's standard app on:

Control multiple structures anywhere with the optional Oelo Anywhere app.

With our optional Oelo Anywhere app*, customize your lighting, save your favorite patterns, schedule those patterns up to 12 months in advance and control your lights (and multiple structures) from anywhere in the world. Our cloud-based system can be controlled from a web browser or your iPhone/Android device through WiFi, cellular or Ethernet connection. Great for multi-structure residential properties or multi-location franchise businesses.

commercial outdoor lighting

Windsor Location

building maintenance

Greeley Location

commercial outdoor lighting

Fort Collins Location

Cloud-based/multi-structure systems use the Oelo Anywhere app, available on:

* Cloud-based App only compatible with Oelo cloud-based control units.



Username, email and phone stored locally; only cloud-stored data is username and email on servers located in Virginia with 20-second timeout


Uses openssl 1.1.d software, supporting TLS 1.2 and up


Handled by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cognito User Pool